2021 Year in Revision – Watch the WealthVantage e-Symposium

by Justin Sanderson, MBA, CFP®, CIMA® Feb 22, 2022 Estate & Generational Wealth Planning, Financial Planning, Investment Consulting, Tax Consulting

At the start of each new year, Sanderson hosts a WealthVantage client event that serves as both a post-holiday gathering and a comprehensive financial review. After careful consideration for the well-being of our client families and team members, we decided to shift this year’s event to a virtual format.

Earlier this month, the Sanderson team held our first-ever WealthVantage e-Symposium at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House in Buffalo, NY. Justin Sanderson, CEO, moderated a panel discussion between our lead advisers. Leading up to the filming, Sanderson collected questions from our clients, which inspired presentation content and discussion.

The WealthVantage e-Symposium is divided into six videos. We invite you to watch the entire series at your leisure or focus on the subjects you find most intriguing and relevant.

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1. Rapid Review

Panelists share their favorite charts from 2021.

2. Health of the Economy

Covering inflation, supply chain, and U.S. debt.



3. Workforce Issues and Implications

What’s driving “The Great Resignation” and what does it mean to employers and employees.


4. Tax Changes

How the current political climate may shape short- or long-term tax changes.


5. Investment Recap

A summary of the top-heavy S&P 500, non-traditional investments, and rising rookie investor class.


6. What’s Next?

The panel highlights emerging trends and financial areas to keep an eye on in 2022 and beyond.



The Full "Year in Revision" video.

A year’s worth of insights in under sixty minutes.


Our Year in Revision video series covers a wide breadth of subjects, from the top financial headlines of 2021 to forward-looking trends. If you’d like more information on any of the topics, contact us to speak with a Sanderson wealth adviser.


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