Sanderson Expands Services With Prosper Financial Wellness

by Justin Sanderson, MBA, CFP®, CIMA® Mar 11, 2021 Prosper Financial Wellness

If you’re familiar with Sanderson Wealth Management, you’re aware that consistency is a core trait of our firm. As advisors, we don’t overactive to short-term trends, but rather remain steadfast in our long-term strategy. Yet, what an opportunity or need arises for our client, we do not hesitate to act.

Up to now, we have also focused our time and energy toward serving high-net-worth individuals and families. For the first time since we opened our doors in 2001, we are pleased to extend our offerings with Prosper Financial Wellness. This new service is consistent with the Sanderson philosophy and our expertise, making it a natural extension to help clients achieve their financial goals.


Introducing Prosper Financial Wellness.

Prosper is a unique 401(k) management service for companies looking to improve the retirement readiness of their employees. Recent workplace wellness studies have revealed that stress related to personal finances is significantly impacting the mental health of employees. Despite their efforts to contribute to their current defined contribution retirement plan, individuals are not confident they will be able to retire when they want to, or will have enough money to last through their lifetime.

This financial strain is transcending employees’ personal lives and hurting their work performance. Companies are grappling with lower productivity and higher turnover, among other challenges. This situation is currently being exacerbated by COVID-19, with the private sector expected to lose billions of dollars in revenue due to stress-related missed work time.

With Prosper, companies can offer a progressive retirement plan, serviced by Sanderson advisers, that gives employees transparency and insight into how they are progressing toward their goal retirement, which instills confidence in their financial journey. Individuals (and their families) can take advantage of:

Independent and fiduciary investment counseling

Support and education at all stages of their career and life

Convenient technology that provides a comprehensive look at their retirement savings

Flexible investment platform options


What is not changing.

This new offering will not impact our Private Wealth Advisers service. For our existing and future private clients, Sanderson stills provide an integrated approach aimed at achieving your financial and personal aspirations.


Time to prosper.

If your company is interested in adding a sophisticated, high-touch retirement plan to your employee benefits package, we invite you to learn more about how Prosper Financial Wellness can benefit both your company and employees. You can also contact us for a consultation.





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