Making (Financial) Sense Out of 2020

by Sanderson Wealth Management Jan 3, 2021 Financial Planning, Investment Consulting

When summarizing 2020, where do you even begin? There was a global pandemic, economic fallout, heroic efforts by healthcare and frontline workers, unprecedented government stimulus, social unrest, and, to top things off, a polarizing election.  

Despite the tumultuous headlines, we all had to keep moving forward—and it was no time to put wealth management strategies on pause. Through ongoing and socially distant conversations with our clients, we received an array of valid questions. However, several topics came to the forefront and remain relevant as we look ahead to 2021. Watch below as the Sanderson team answers the top client questions of the year.

1. Tax-Deferred Savings

Justin Sanderson discusses the implications of tax-deferred savings and why it's important to have more than one savings tool in your retirement toolbox.


2. 2021 Tax Rates

John Gullo and Tim Domino examine the 2021 tax rates and whether you should accelerate gifting with potential tax changes on the horizon.


3. Investing New Money 

Phil Frattali and Lauren Molenda chat about investing new money into the market and what you can feel good about investing in today.




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