Looking Back and Forward – A Conversation with John and Justin Sanderson

by Sanderson Wealth Management Jul 12, 2021 Firm News



Time-tested. Forward-thinking. At first, these may be considered contrasting philosophies – one rooted in the past and another boldly moving into the future. However, at Sanderson Wealth Management, we believe that both mindsets are critical to our success, and that of our clients. As our founder John Sanderson put it, “Being forward-thinking is time-tested.”

This year, Sanderson has a unique opportunity to look back and forward. First, 2021 marks our 20th anniversary—a special milestone for independent financial services such as ours. Second, we are thrilled to announce a leadership realignment that positions Sanderson for continued stability and growth over the next 20 years and beyond.

Second-generation leadership.

As of July 1, 2021, John Sanderson assumes the role of Chairman, while Justin Sanderson has been appointed to Chief Executive Officer.

As many of our clients know, John has served as CEO since 2001, when he purchased the Ernst & Young Upstate Practice and established his own firm with fiduciary care as a cornerstone. In fact, he viewed Sanderson as a continuation of his financial consulting work at E&Y—without the constraints that come with a large firm. With John at the helm, Sanderson has grown from four employees to a team of 18, serving more than 300 client families around the country.

Justin Sanderson has been a part of the firm for all its 20 years. Early on, as a high school student, Justin supported his father and other advisers by performing administrative tasks. Through his education, mentorship from John, time advising clients, and perspective in nearly every facet of the firm, Justin’s comprehensive experience will be invaluable as he leads Sanderson into the future.

Recently, John and Justin sat down to reflect on the first 20 years of Sanderson Wealth Management. John shares some wisdom he gained along the way and what it means to pass the CEO role to his son. Throughout the conversation, Justin notes how the firm’s time-tested values will continue to guide future initiatives.


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